One of the most popular events in the world, PechaKucha, invites inspirational speakers to share what interests them.

Helsinki Design Week brings PechaKucha speech concept to Huiput Creative Festival featuring photographer Heli Blåfield, illustrator Rakastaja Robert and designer Lauri Toikka. Every speaker chooses twenty images, each of which is presented for twenty seconds. The lenght of one presentation is always 6 minutes and 40 seconds. The rules are clear and the content is often something completely unexpected.

Rakastaja Robert is an illustrator and designer based in Helsinki. At the heart of his work process is humor and positivity.

Heli Blåfield is a freelancer photographer based in Helsinki who specializes in portraits, fashion and reportage that have been published in several Finnish and international medias. In March 2019, Heli published an image report book called Saunavuoro with author Ville Blåfield.

Lauri Toikka is a founding partner of Schick Toikka, an independent type foundry based in Berlin and Helsinki. Schick Toikka creates high quality retail fonts, as well as custom fonts for a wide range of large and small organizations worldwide. Schick Toikka's typefaces have been used by many international companies and institutions such as New York Times, Sennheiser, Apple and Nike. Schick Toikka is the Graphic Designer of the Year 2020.

PechaKucha is hosted by Anni Korkman who is the Programme Director of Helsinki Design Week.